Cinema -
Rocky Horror Picture Show

April 16th, 8pm

Four2Three Projections

Open air cinema. Newly-engaged couple Brad and Janet have a breakdown in an isolated area and must seek shelter at the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-n-Furter.

Tickets: £10 (Age: 15+)

Monhan Image 1.jpeg

Photo by Sasha Malik

Mohan: A Partition Story

April 23rd, 7.30pm

Niall Moorjani

A timely piece of theatre for 2022 - the 75th anniversary of Partition in India. Mohan: A Partition Story is a piece of oral storytelling which retells Niall Moorjani’s Grampa’s experiences of the Partitioning of India. With first person telling from 'Mohan’s' perspective the performance is moving, visceral, emotive and at times hilarious. The story will be interwoven with fascinating, haunting and sardonically funny historical insight. Combined the two strands of storytelling and historical contextualisation an evocative and thought-provoking evening which will be set to live music.


Niall Moorjani is a non-binary, mixed Scots- Indian writer and storyteller. They are fascinated by the fantastical, the historical, and the liminal.

They have written and performed shows all over including for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Fringe of Colour and the Scottish International Storytelling Festival. They are also the founder and host of the Tales At The Tavern open mic story night.

Tickets: £12 full price / £10 Conc. for under 18s.

PeriMeno Stand in Image.jpeg

Peri... Meno... What now?!

April 30th, 7.30pm

Nina Hills - Grumbling Growler Productions

Comedy  show about the Peri-menopause!? Well someone had to do it! Expect Stand up, song, rap and even a cuppa. Who knew getting old would be such a pain in the lady garden!?

Please feel free to join us after the show to discuss your experience or to find out more information, or just for some company over a cup of tea/coffee and some cake.

Adult themes and language. Age recommendation 16+

Tickets: £12 full price / £10 Conc. for under 18s.

Katies Black Hole Adventure jpg.jpg

Image by Keith Sparrow

Katie’s Black Hole Adventures

May 7th, 2pm

Little Trebiggan Theatre

An innocent Birthday present sets in motion a chain of events, for Katie Bouman, that will unleash a life-long obsession with Black Holes. Katie is given a Science kit for her 10th Birthday and with the help of some kitchen appliances she manages to open a black hole in her bedroom into which her noisy Dad gets sucked.


Will Katie be able to get him back? Or will spaghettification cause him to never be the same again?? Join Little Trebiggan as they take you on an adventure that is out of this world. Expect fun, frolics, musical fusion and a little bit of science in this untold and totally made up origin story of the person behind the world’s first picture of a black hole.

Family show

Tickets: £6

C&S Wish We Weren't Here Image.png

Wish We Weren't Here

May 28th, 7.30pm

Camidge & Stringer

It’s 2023, and things are getting back to normal in a West Cornwall tourist information office. Staff members – manager Linda and assistant manager Jak - swop their lockdown experiences. Then they explore the ‘complaints’ archive, retrieved from the dusty depths of the basement. Here lurk the stories of famous, and infamous, past visitors to the area… hippies, harpies and hedonists are all to be revealed in this (mostly) light-hearted, multi-media show.


Will George Eliot ever make it to the Isles of Scilly?

Has D H Lawrence arrived too soon to enjoy multi-cultural Cornwall?

Can Mrs Piozzi cope when her ‘handsome beau’ is 200 long miles away?


Believe it or not, some people would never have given West Cornwall five stars on Tripadvisor. Join us to find out why. Real life stories from the past, a glimpse into the future… plus photo and film nostalgia by the bucket-load.


“A brilliant show which dips into the archives to investigate ‘cold cases’ at their modern-day Tourist Information Office.”  St Ives, September Festival


“A wonderful double-act, who combine humour and fact-finding to

bring true stories to life… laughs a-plenty.” Cornishman

Tickets: £12 full price / £10 Conc. for under 18s.


The Girl & The Dragon

June 4th, 2pm

The Suitcase Storytelling Company

Get ready for a fantastical show to warm the heart and bring joy to people young and old alike. Join our hero Toral on the adventure of a lifetime as she swims uncrossable rivers, braves impassable forests and scales unclimbable mountains, all to fight a great and terrible dragon.

Performed by the delightfully talented Niall Moorjani and Minnie Wilkinson, this story proves that heroes can come from anywhere and villains aren’t always what they seem.  This show was made possible with kind support from The Arts Council England.

Tickets: £6

Photo by Harry Elletson

SA.PP.A4 web.jpg

Image by Keith Sparrow; Photo by Neal Megaw

033 - Colour - Coppice Theater RD - Shoot 6 Truro - Nina - April 2021 - Neal Megaw Photogr

Science Adventures:
The Power Pickle

June 18th, 2pm

Coppice Theatre

Meet the A.C.E.S, an elite team of scientists doing science like no-one has ever done science before! Professor Von Brandt and the team are on the ground in Cornwall looking for the perfect location for their top-secret, super-important, science assignment. But the team are in a right pickle! Professor McGuffin’s ground-breaking Sub-Nuclear Optical Transmitter

(S.N.O.T.) has stopped working, and it’s jeopardising the whole mission! Disaster! Now they need to find a way to power it! Join our intrepid scientists on an adventure like no other... Prepare to travel to the deepest depths, and soar to the highest heights! Another chance to see this fantastical show that explores science with fun and accessible adventure stories.


Coppice Theatre was founded in 2016 by a group of Cornwall-based artists with the aim of providing professional theatre work for emerging practitioners across the theatre arts. They specialise in creating engaging, entertaining and accessible productions that showcase talent, new writing, design and new digital media. Their work is aimed at young audiences and they all share a love of great storytelling.


Science Adventures: The Power Pickle was written by Minnie Wilkinson, with stories by Keith Sparrow, Nina Hills, Hannah Platts & Sara Hooppell. Directed by Connie Crosby, associate direction by Michael Tonkin-Jones and produced by Jasmine Cole. This show was made possible with kind support from The Arts Council England.

Tickets: £6


Photo by Matt Austin Images

Much Ado About Nothing

June 25th, 7.30pm

Sun & Moon Theatre

"I do love nothing in the world so well as you. Is not that strange?"


Sun & Moon Theatre will be touring this summer with a joyous, vibrant production of Much Ado About Nothing, one of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies.


It's 1945, the war has ended, and Messina’s young men have returned ready for peace, celebration and … romance? Hero and Claudio are in love and engaged to be married, while Beatrice and Benedick are in a perpetual ‘merry war’, engaged in battles of wits and wills. But not everyone has come back unscathed, not all scars are visible, and the spread of misinformation has its consequences ...


Join us for this hilarious, bold, and bittersweet show featuring love, deception, confrontations, and second chances. Suitable for all ages, enjoy a perfect summer’s night with Shakespeare’s most enduring romantic comedy showcasing a vivacious ensemble, razor-sharp wit, and live music.


This production of Much Ado About Nothing was granted the Cymbeline Award when originally staged and Sun & Moon Theatre are delighted to be showcasing it at St Day Old Church!


Reviews of past shows:

"Creative genius … a magical production. I can't wait to see what happens next!"

"Shakespeare at its best. Catch this dynamic theatre company, whether you are a fan of Shakespeare or not … you soon will be!"

‘" summer’s delight … charming and funny."

"This production succeeded in magnificent style. Boasting hilarity and heart in equal measure, Sun & Moon harnessed the comedy’s madcap energy while foregrounding the very human, very relatable relationships that make this play tick."

Tickets: £12 full price / £10 Conc. for under 18s.

Piskie redo (1).jpg

The Piskie in the Garden

July 2nd, 2pm

John Brolly

An old gardener is woken late at night by mysterious noises coming from the potting shed. If it’s not a fox or a badger it can only mean one thing, he has a piskie in the garden. A mixture of puppets, music and wonderful storytelling John Brolly's new one-man show is full of mischief and fairy magic. All the family will enjoy this charming story as the hapless gardener is outwitted by the piskies. John Brolly is well known across the south west.


"John knows just how to wind-up his audiences with high-energy antics that get them singing and dancing and shouting along - and that's just the adults, let alone the young 'uns."

Review from Minack performance

Tickets: £6

Cinema - Nosferatu - 100 year anniversary

September 17th, 8pm

Four2Three Projections

Open air cinema.

From his shadow to his gaunt face, the vampire Count Orlok in 1922's Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror remains one of film's most spine-tingling creations.

It was exactly 100 years ago, in March 1922, that Berlin's movers and shakers attended the premiere of FW Murnau's Nosferatu: A Symphony Of Horror, and saw the nightmarish Count Orlok springing bolt upright from his coffin. Those unsuspecting viewers could well have witnessed the first great jump scare in the history of horror movies. They had certainly witnessed its first great monster. An unofficial adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula – hence the Count's name-change from Dracula to Orlok – this silent masterpiece pioneered techniques and established horror tropes that have been used ever since. But the creation of the iconic Orlok, played by Max Schreck, is its supreme achievement. He is, says Cristina Massaccesi, in her guide to Nosferatu for the Devil's Advocates horror history series, "the Ur-Vampire, the father of all undead creatures lurking in the darkest recesses of a cinema screen"

Tickets: £10

HB 2022 - Promo 1 - low.png

Photo by Neal Megaw

Tales from a Haunted Bookshop

September 24th, 2pm

Coppice Theatre

Why, hello there and welcome to the Haunted Bookshop. Come in, come in, take a seat, make yourself at home… and prepare yourself for a spooky show of terrible tales, scary stories and gruesome goings-on! Meet the mysterious shopkeeper and the enigmatic Quoath but watch out for the ghosts! A weird and wonderful show for ages 8-12 and adventurous adults.


From the makers of Science Adventures and Jack’s Frosty Stories, comes another delightful storytelling show featuring puppets, music and adventure!


Coppice Theatre was founded in 2016 by a group of theatre makers with the aim of providing professional theatre work for emerging practitioners across the theatre arts. We specialise in creating engaging, entertaining and accessible productions that showcase talent, new writing, design and new digital media. We are a collective of practitioners that work across multiple projects and collaborate with various Cornwall based companies. Our work is aimed at young audiences and we all share a love of great storytelling.

Tickets: £6


Image by Gary Cordingley


Date to be confirmed

Fundamental Arts

A solo storytelling performance for adults by Gary Cordingley.

Medusa and Perseus are wrapped in a story that has endured the ages. A story of heroic deeds and terrifying monsters. Drawing parallels between this ancient myth and the modern world, this gritty storytelling performance asks the question, ‘Who are the real monsters in this story?’


This performance is work in progress and your feedback is invited and most welcome.


Contains strong references to sexual violence.

"Gary Cordingley takes an ancient Greek myth of power and betrayal, and drags it by its hair into the 21st century. This is a brave, searching, extraordinary storytelling performance, don’t miss it." 

Lisa Schneidau, South Devon Storytellers.

Tickets: to be announced

(Show suitable for ages 14+)

Booking open soon